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Posted by on 09.05.17

The way you start a project is going to have the single most important impact on the overall success of that project. Nowhere is that truer than when it comes to planning facility and process capital investment projects, such as building out a new space or redesigning an existing one.

In fact, inside the downtown Cleveland offices of HWH Architects Engineers Planners Inc., they have a saying:

The way you handle the first 1% of a project will determine the probability of success for the remaining 99% of the project.

In other words, it’s important to get off on the right foot, especially when considering planning capital investments. It’s critical to have an experienced partner at the table with you from Day One to ensure all of the project’s details are accounted for from the beginning. Otherwise, a company could face project delays—or worse—cost overruns because certain details were overlooked early on.

This is where HWH proves its value to its clients, 90% of which are comprised of repeat customers. The firm, which has been in business in Northeast Ohio for more than 100 years and has completed professional design and engineering services on billions of dollars' worth of capital investment projects for the region’s companies, boasts an experienced team of professionals who can ensure your project starts off on the right foot and is completed both effectively and cost efficiently.


Learning more about HWH

Founded in 1908, HWH is a full-service, privately owned architectural and engineering firm with approximately half of its professional staff maintaining shareholder status. Its current staff of close to 100 is comprised of civil; site; structural; mechanical; process; electrical; and controls engineers as well as an experienced team of architects and interior designers.

HWH has performed work both domestically and globally for a diverse range of industries, but this portfolio of work represents a reflection of its Northeast Ohio base of clients. These deep roots in Northeast Ohio is further reinforced by the fact that the company has recommitted itself to the region by choosing to keep its headquarters local and move into new office space in the heart of downtown Cleveland, which has been the firm’s home over the entirety of its long history.

What sets HWH apart?

So, why do clients come back again and again to HWH? The secret to all the repeat business HWH acquires lies in its dedication to service; its engagement as a proactive team member for the clients it works with; its cost-effective rates; and its full-service capabilities.

Speaking of the latter, these full-service capabilities include:

  • A full suite of planning services, including project scope development, identification of anticipated project costs, site selection, and more.
  • Architecture services, including design, project administrative support, and interior design.
  • Engineering services, including structural and civil engineering; mechanical and process engineering; electrical engineering; manufacturing process; project management; and controls services.

How does HWH’s service add value?

HWH helps its clients deliver the maximum return on investment for their projects in several ways. First, the firm’s size and ownership structure gives HWH the flexibility to be nimble and cost-effective while at the same time also ensuring key project personnel are stakeholders in the company.

Second, its somewhat concentrated client base allows HWH professionals to be experts in the standards, preferences, and expectations of its large book of repeat business.

Finally, HWH’s proactive design process focuses on developing the most complete, concise construction documents package possible for each unique project. This includes a focused effort on the initial phase of the project that establishes the foundation for success during the execution of construction.

Achieving success for your capital investment begins with an investment in a team of professional designers and engineers who will work to gain your trust and help develop creative solutions to some of your most complex problems. 

Let HWH help your company advance its vision for success. Contact HWH today to get your capital investment project started right.

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