Agile Office Enviornment

The Senior Leadership team selected a 19,000 SF floor within an existing campus building for a complete renovation in order to co-locate employees located in other areas of the campus, as well as an off-campus facility.  The goal of the renovation was to increase seating capacity, modernize interior finishes, and to function as a relaxed open work community for the Digital Controls Team.

HWH modeled designs in Revit, which allowed the client's team to experience the design through renderings during design development.  A combination of new and modified pre-owned furniture was specified through a detailed furniture specification.  To create a collaborative environment, a variety of workspaces were created.  Personal workstations included 48" high panel-based workstations, as well as hybrid panel-based benching stations.  Meeting area niches with markerwalls and stools were located in various areas throughout the floor to allow for quick stand-up meetings.  Booths were created with banquette seating, tables, and monitors for touchdown areas to meet or work.  Conference rooms were provided in centralized locations for longer meetings.  The café created a unique space that allowed for both work and play; booths to act as meeting places, as well as game spaces for team building.



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